The Dallas Junior Police Academy has various classes throughout the year, here are some of the typical questions that we get asked.

Dallas Junior Police Academy ClassWhat is the Dallas Junior Police Academy?

The Dallas Junior Police Academy is a daylong training session held on a Saturday. The Basic Class is for 4th through 7th graders, while our Advanced Class is for 8th, 9th and 10th graders.

What will the students who attend be doing? 

Students who attend the JPA will be spending their time immersed in a day of  new experiences as each student receives instructions from a variety of officers from around the Dallas Police Department. The Basic Class will hear from speakers on Family Violence Awareness, Drug Prevention and Gang Awareness, Crime Scene Investigation (and lift their own fingerprints) and learn what is suspicious activity and when to call 911. They will participate in physical training just like a recruit. They will observe a felony traffic stop, the helicopter, mounted police, K-9 units, SCUBA unit, motorcycle unit and low-rider. Everyone’s favorite activity of the day is to ride in a squad car with lights and sirens. The Advanced Class will have speakers on the Force Continuum, Life Skills Training, Personal and Internet Safety.  They will participate in physical training, riding in the squad car, touring 911 / Communications, touring the Dallas Police Headquarters, Fusion Center and the CSI lab.

Who is eligible?

Students who send in a COMPLETED and READABLE application are eligible to attend. Make sure you have a good email address, correct mailing address and a working phone number.

How will I know if my student has been placed in the session?

Students placed in a JPA session will receive notice via email, US mail or phone call from the JPA staff that their student has been placed in a session, so print clearly on all applications.

How do the students get to and from the JPA Session?

Parents or other family members are responsible for registering the student the morning of the class and picking up the student at the end of the day.

Do I need to send food with my student?

No, lunch will be provided for a $5.00 fee to be paid at student check-in. Scholarships are available.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to call Sgt. Wanda West at 214-671-3520 or email us.